Welcome To Arredos Furniture & Interior

art logoARREDOS Co. was established in 1995 by the architect\ Hazem Salah Konsuah who is an expert in field of manufacturing furniture & interior design since 1984. Concept of our business depends on possibility of designing & producing Egyptian distinctive furniture in world trends & Egyptian spirit going along with what market needs. Attaching importance to new concepts in manufacturing furniture, we have established an independent new factory for producing processed iron to suit market's demands on wooden furniture merged in metal, including section for high-level metal works & lightening units with continuous development of our wooden productions (dining tables – bedrooms – bookshelves) 

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Why Arredos Furniture?

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At Arredo's Furniture & Interior We are proud that all of our products are made in Egyptian, as Egypt is deep-rooted Furniture producer, we believe that our Product is constantly inherent element of the client in his home as a bedroom, Dining room or a living room where he spend the most of his time or seek relaxation and with it's peaces he Expresses his style, there for we try to achieve a state of coexistence and harmony between our client and our product based on comfort in use And meeting the needs with special attention given to Durability.
And what makes Arredo's Special is that we provide Custom designed Furniture to suit all areas and to achieve Spaciousness also we allow client modifications to give him the chance to add his touch and he can monitor all manufacturing fazes of his furniture, and despite all these options we provide our products with high quality materials and a very affordable prices.